Sharing and serving is the basis for many who are now New Paradigm MDT workshop teachers or energy workers.

The Association is a way for such healers and teachers to join together, bundle their efforts, ensure professionalism, support each other and be seen to be bona fide recognised certified New Paradigmers.

Membership is also a statement of intent of working from the pure essence and understanding of Shamballa while being visibly part of New Paradigm MDT and giving support back.

Membership is not only for those who work as teacher or energy worker but for all who have been activated to the energy of Shamballa and wish to  express their intention of living from the same pure essence and understanding of Shamballa and wanting to support the entire organization of New Paradigm MDT and give something back to that.

At the moment there are 4 associations: New Paradigm MDT Association, based in Holland, New Paradigm MDT Americas, New Paradigm MDT Finland and New Paradigm MDT France. The intention is to set up more around the world as the need arises. Those not having a locally based Association are always welcome to join the New Paradigm Association that is based in Holland but still always open to any in the world.

To contact one of the associations please visit the contact page.



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