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Sacred Sites Skulls - These skulls are hand sourced and hand carved from stones of sacred sites. They hold the energy of the sacred site with their consciousness and they assist in the realization of your true nature of Divine Love. Sacred skulls are very special and they bring Divine essence, unconditional Love and knowledge beyond mind.

Merlin's Skulls - Merlin’s skulls are hand sourced and hand carved from a sacred site known as Tintagel Cornwall, Britain. They link you with heart of Source and they bring the energy of Divine Love and deep transformation. They assist you to reach higher level of vibrations and to realize you are a cosmic aspect of Source. They hold within them the Arthurian knowledge and wisdom teachings, and also hold the access to Merlin consciousness. Merlin’s skulls bring deep Love to the whole of Creation.






Tribute to Pascale Ollin: 

Pascale Ollin made her transition on Dec 24th, 2013, triggered by a lung embolism. A period of deep loneliness, of withdrawal from the world and people around her, may have been the cause of this departure. At the same time however, Pascale was - in a big way - also a light, and as such always surrounded by it. I knew Pascale since October 2003… 10 years. I remember her beginnings in Reiki Shamballa, followed 6 years later by Shamballa MultiDimensional Healing®, up to 13D Practitioner in 2007. She attended the « sharing workshops » I facilitated in Paris for a few years, with assiduousness. In the group, we could observe Pascale’s awakening, her opening and her evolution ; her ability to channel the beings of Divine Light and more particularly, to radiate this light. Assisted by the energies, this allowed her to go through multiple experiences, through her work, her family and relatives. She was very present, transmitting her « knowledge » to all her friends. I lost sight of her a little bit these past two years (combination of factors). I was affected by her departure, but also happy to hear of her « liberation ».

Pascale, within the big Shamballa Family you are forever present in our hearts. 

Submitted By Danielle Mimaud  

Tribute to Jacob de Kreij:

"In the light of the love I overcome all that doesn't resonate with my soul"
"Not what you accumulate, but what you release makes you rich"
How can I ever forget the time with Jacob during our 13D teacher training in Netherlands. A small group of us, Mary Beth, Ronnie, Jacqueline had the honor and opportunity to have great fun and serious times of discussions and sharing of all we were going through during the 9 days. He was the star in refusing/resisting to channel and the star when he eventually did that in honoring John’s haunting of him. I cannot forget his running exit from the hall after doing the channeling, assuming that he had to channel some liquid from the bladder. That was just so beautiful and powerful in being authentic….both the channeling in the group and the running exit.
Yes he was and still remains(!) the one among us that takes each and every request for assistance, energy, healing, support so literally by responding to each of these in the colorful display of letters. In a way he did it vicariously for all of us since in-boxes would be clogged if each of us did it for each request. This very sensitive and serving soul has left great legacy and teaching in his own way and so true to himself. He courageously  faced and braved the English language with dictionary and all in responding to some of the issues under discussion on this list.
Whatever the immediate reason for taking transition, may your transition be in the light and love and mahatma energy you so generously and masterfully invoked for many many many…….
In your own words: “Shamballa and mahatma on”, dear Jacob…or whatever your code is where you are now.
In love and light, brother.

Tribute to Jennifer LaPointe: 

Jennifer LaPointe was a very loving person and a very special friend. She was constantly seeking the Light, but she herself was one of the brightest Lights around. She was funny, intelligent and a lively companion. I first met her when she attended a presentation I gave on Shamballa MDH at a Health Expo. She later took 13D from me, and then the 13D Teacher Training in NH in 2007, where we shared some good times, discovering that we both loved Dagoba chocolate bars with hot peppers in them, good coffee and good wine. It was soon after that she discovered she had cancer. She had beat it years earlier, so she set out to do it again, not wanting to leave her family. She was brave, beautiful, and in the end exhausted, but never defeated. This world is less for her loss, and I can imagine her lovely, hearty laughter now in the multidimensional realms. 
Love, Phyllis




Finland NPMDT Association:

The New Paradigm MDT Finland association was founded October 5th 2013. As the founding meeting  “coincidentally” happened the exact same time as our French brothers and sister was founding their association,  we joined them in meditation before starting the founding meeting, with feeling of togetherness and oneness with our global family. The purpose of the association is to promote New Paradigm MDT teachings in Finland, serve as a connecting and info point to our Finnish family, as well as function as a link to the school of Esoteric Science, BCMA and the other regional associations founded under the School.

The association is creating events to gather the Finnish family to meditate together and give the opportunity as well for persons who has not yet got the training to join us in “open to all” meditation events. The first meditation event of this kind was organized in Tampere, December 2013. The meditation event was great. Three teachers was facilitating one  meditation; there was one clearance meditation, one heart meditation with the goddess and one with mother earth, very powerful indeed. Three of our sisters in Tampere are involved in an amateur theater as director and actors, so as a little Christmas celebration members of the association went to see the theater play the evening before our meditation event. The next open to all meditation event, is scheduled for February 15th 2014 in the Capital region of Helsinki.

The association is as well organizing a summer gathering in the countryside for the New Paradigm Finland family, where we will organize meditations in the nature, connecting with nature spirits and power places, swim in the lake, have sauna and chanting by the fire in the evening etc. The place is an old farmhouse owned by one of our sister’s family, there is a few sleeping places indoors but most of us will be camping in tents.

New Paradigm MDT Finland is open to co-operate with our Brothers and Sisters of the other New Paradigm associations globally, in creating and organizing joint events in the future where we can connect and learn to know each other better, and in doing so promoting oneness and togetherness within our global family.

Blessings and love to all,
New Paradigm Finland Association

Dutch NPMDT Association:

I have been asked for an introduction to the NP Association. We were the original Association set up legally in 2006. The original set up was to be one Association for everyone around the world who wanted to join together and support one another and to also give something back to the wonderful energies and system we had been given. We have to work with the reality of what is, and so we have moved on to a new stage and set up. In this development we now have 4 associations and more to come. It will be very interesting to see how that will develop, grow and work in the coming years. As the first association we have already got the organizational side all set up and running smoothly. Of course this association is now much smaller than it was before from the members moving into the new localized associations. It is a period of adjustment and waiting to hear what John Armitage has in mind for the coming period for the associations. It is not yet clear what the possible role of the association may be so we have opted for a registration style association as they have in the US for this first period of “wait and see what develops”.
We have however had a new initiative. Realizing how difficult it is to come to a global and inclusive Love without Conditions on the one hand, and the realization that if it is already such a difficult thing for those who have been activated in Shamballa earlier, New Paradigm now - how much harder must it be for our human brothers and sisters to tap into this Love and ground it for themselves on the other hand, the board made the suggestion to the members to join together on a daily basis to ground in this energy and make it available to the entire planet. We have a group of us who wanted to do this.
We join on a daily basis and form together a web of love from person to person, pouring this Love through the web and the spaces between us. We are keeping to small groups with a fixed number of names and places to connect to. this keeps it intimate and personal while opening to the global. It is a very interesting experience to be working with and I can recommend it to any others interested in working closely with a group of people. At this time I notice that keeping to a small group of known names and including some 3D interaction works well. If the group is too big it becomes impersonal and vague and easy to lose sight of and stay motivated. This reminds me of the healing workers in the temples in Atlantis. There was worked with groups of 12 with a 13th as connecting point to other groups of 12. A tiered approach. Not because the 13th was higher or more important but just to have strong tight working units. The 13th was then one in another group of 12. And so on. I see that it works because of the intimacy and closeness you build together...


Americas NPMDT Association: 

Membership cost $99.00 per year, pro rated at 8.25 per month for those joining in a month other than January....   so a years membership goes from Jan 1st to Dec 31st of any given year.

The money goes to an assortment of things, we were able to send a large amount to Baba for his legal fees.  We were able to cover a shortfall to Baba and Phyllis when new manuals and certs were going out.  We are paying for Phyllis's internet connection.

Anyone who joins in January can have an upgraded profile on the website (usual cost of that is $50.00)

For additional information Contact:
Barbara J Allen

French NPMDT Association:

The French NPMDT association was launched by John on October 5th 2013, and is called: Association New Paradigm MDT France. The registration fee is 88€, which includes 36€ to be registered with the BCMA, and 10€ for the School of Esoteric Sciences.

It offers a 10% discount on all events organised by the associations NPMDT France and Lakshmi.

The membership period is the same as for the BCMA, from October 1st to September 30th.

For additional information Contact: 
Flore Judges

As part of this newsletter it serves to mention that our New Paradigm Associations are here to support us, and of course can return what each of us individually and collectively puts into it, and then some. On that note, please remember the New Year has started, and you can still put in your membership funds, pro-rated up until December 31, 2014. Besides the obvious advantage of enjoying connection and support on more levels with fellow practitioners, for the New Paradigm Americas Association this membership also comes with perks of a free extended profile on our beautiful global site for all who join by January.

On behalf of the New Paradigm Americas Association, Barbara Allen organized a gathering for the family. The occasion was joyfully marked by a visit from Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir and Elli, also known as Erlendur Magnus Magnusson. One of their family members also came along. We very much enjoyed meeting him too. This gathering took place on September 14, 2013 with the help of Ginny (Virginia) Rockwell.  An amazing time was had by all who came together as a group of 12 in all, connecting with Source and with each other.

Heartfelt Love & thanks goes out to Barbara, the association, Ginny, and all who showed up and contributed, along with our teams, and of course Baba who had asked for a seat and received one!

Let’s share the day from a bird’s eye view. Timeless wonder that I am, and challenged at the last minute with finding someone to care for my boys that were still too young to be left for a weekend, I wasn’t aware it started at 10am… So physically I arrived in time for the Pot Luck lunch. I did connect with the group while driving, receiving and grounding beautiful frequencies of colorful light & Love during the times the group checked in with me, wondering if I had gotten lost, smiles... My vehicle took me straight - almost... okay one small detour - to the Leyden Town Hall, in the somewhat remote location where most of the event took place.

So a little bird told me that in the morning, after everyone got introduced or joyfully re-connected, Phyllis Brooks started out with a beautiful Mahatma Meditation, raising the energies of the vortex. For the occasion, Lilja had brought her collection of essences. She lead the group outside on a meditative exploration with these Shamballa infused essences that gently and gradually unleash the power of Iceland’s vast array of natural beauty and elementals. The essences certainly complemented the beautiful surroundings in the wooded mountain area in Massachusetts, where the event took place.  The experience was perceived by all to be a magical journey.

The group also visited a location with war monuments, honoring ones who had fallen during various wars. Collectively, the group experienced a guided focus on not only ending the need for duality, perceived separation, war and related suffering, but also a shared vision of finding ways to resolve conflict peacefully, followed by a powerful clearing meditation, facilitated by Mark Brooks. Most of the frequencies and images of this meditation came through for me while driving, as confirmed during lunch, when I finally caught up with the group.

The Pot Luck Lunch was an absolute feast, with everyone’s homemade,  Shamballa infused delectable goodies. And of course there was noteworthy decadent chocolate for dessert.
Much of the afternoon was spent on a guided nature hike arranged by Ginny Rockwell. It took place in the wooded mountains and along streams, and included exploring two ancient caves. The first cave was quite accessible.  It felt sacred, and the scent in it was unforgettable. Sacred too. Earthy, and yet also there was an energy there that seemed to say the cave was either created or visited by ET brothers and sisters. Its entrance was wide enough for one person to enter, and naturally we all had to bend or squat to get in, but once inside there was room for more, at least three persons to sit comfortably. It’s very possible the first builders and visitors of this cave did not have to bend in order to enter. From visions shared this cave was used for more than one purpose by quite a few different visitors, always offering protection from oppressors or other uninvited forces. It may have been used to offer shelter to ones from the underground railroad, the movement that helped African Americans become free from the kind of slavery they were often violently subjected to. Also, there were visions from Native Americans who may have used the cave during their Vision Quest rituals. For those interested, here’s a modern version of it.
The next cave we visited was quite a hike away from the other one, in which we had to cross a stream or two. It certainly was in need of some energy therapy. Part of it was caved in, though it once had clearly been accessible from two sides. The side that had remained open, was overgrown, and barely accessible. No one felt like going in. So instead, we did what we do, each one of us, quietly provide what is appropriate without question, and attend to the situation and energies at hand.
Upon our return to Town Hall we shared our experiences, and laughed at our plight of exploring still unknown territory, not knowing yet what exactly we did there, and its impact over time, yet doing it anyway in complete trust and surrender.  I was honored to facilitate a channeled meditation on Ka, an energy of profound clarity from the Pleiades a/k/a Play-at-Ease.
In between activities we had time to connect with each other, and again I am reminded just how fortunate we are to be able to gather as like minded – diamond hearted ones and just appreciate each other as we are. Each one of us at the time took notice and shared as much.
The evening was spent by most of us having dinner in town before we parted ways, always reconnecting on the grid. I was fortunate to spend the night at Ginny’s enchanting home, while my boys had a great time staying with friends who love them. The next day I ventured out on another hike, quite a climb higher up in the mountains, with Ginny, and had an amazing exchange with a praying mantis, which eventually concluded in an actual namaste! Clearly our gathering did something to please the nature beings.
Ever since this gathering I have been exploring more caves on astral travel events. I  have received guidance to facilitate these journeys with fellow Shamballans and others. Some of these trips included sites that actually were visited by several of our family - in physical - during the Mahatma of Africa tour previously, hosted and facilitated by Stiaan van der Merwe. At the time I didn't have funds to travel there, but along with others I participated from the astral plane, purely and as it turns out surely by intention. Reports of these journeys to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Brandenberg Mountain Range are shared on facebook. The events that also took place in physical, were shared and can still be found on the Yahoo email list as reported by Stiaan. One could say some of these events happened in real time, though in most realities time clearly doesn't exist at all. Feel free to contact me for more info on this.
So dear family, may this reporting trigger many more gatherings. This comes with heartfelt appreciation for each one in our growing family, for who you are, and all you contribute. I very much look forward to the next gathering I can attend, which may take place in the Netherlands soon!
Shamballa ON!
Nell Tomassen Reboh
Newsletter Editorial Team
Since 2012 - when the name changed to New Paradigm MDT - the winds of change swept right through the whole organizational structure to upgrade it into the New Paradigm frequencies, and clearly a new era has started to manifest. Members of the foundation board decided to close down the foundation of the old organization, which was registered in the Netherlands. In its stead a charity fund for humanitarian projects has been established under the School of Esoteric Sciences, creating the opportunity to join forces with the Americas and do even greater projects of divine love in action, assisting our fellow humans to empower themselves in areas of planet Earth where poverty affects their basic rights as human beings in various ways. 
The School of Esoteric Sciences Charity Fund has some great, life changing projects going on at the moment. Our newsletter will give you updates about these on a regular basis, so you can follow up on how your donations are making a difference. It was also decided that the European association based in the Netherlands was to become the Dutch association. Each region - when they are ready - will have their own regional association. In this way these regional associations will enable local support, in a way that meets the specific regional needs. This allows members to be active and innovative to develop their ways of support, by arranging gatherings, trips, earth work, support networks, fundraising and other grassroots action, when they are inspired to do so, in the spirit of New Paradigm MDT. All associations serve their members as a link to the School of Esoteric Sciences and the BCMA (British Complimentary Medical Association). So far there is a regional Association in America, the Netherlands, France and Finland; you can read their presentations below. Plans are in the works in some other regions as well, to set up their New Paradigm MDT associations. The School of Esoteric Sciences currently functions as the umbrella organization - the global unifying body in essence - establishing the standards and requirements of being recognized as a professional member association.
All parts of the New Paradigm MDT organizational structure - and every individual who is part of this great family - are an important part of a global movement of freedom, love and unity; together we rock, manifesting the New Paradigm on planet Earth.
In short the New Paradigm MDT Organizational structure looks like this now:
- The School of Esoteric Sciences - based in Delaware, USA - is the umbrella organization which has a secretariat in the Netherlands for Dutch, Flemish and English-speaking people in Europe, in US for the Americas, in France for French-speaking people in Europe, and in Bulgaria.
. The School is providing the teaching and learning materials, issues certificates, keeps a database of registered practitioners, and functions as the global unifying body for the associations and the organization as a whole.
 - Regional associations function as a link for members to the School and BCMA, and as the body of support and activity for registered participants in their regions.
 - The School of Esoteric Sciences Charity Fund functions as the body for our mission in humanitarian and philanthropic projects to serve humanity.
Veronica Ramsdahl
Newsletter Editorial Team

Dear Family,

It is with Love and appreciation that I present to you the very first newsletter for our newly launched global New Paradigm MDT site! Let me begin by introducing to you our newsletter editorial team:

Xavier Beaussire from France, with many thanks for some behind the scenes gentle nudges to all who provided info.

Veronica Ramsdahl from Finland, who has my gratitude for writing a very insightful report on the Shamballa Family School in Cambodia (to be published soon!)

Based in New York, USA I get to collaborate with these two, and two of our site wizards, Joe Weaver from North Carolina, USA, and Juha Laukkanen, also in Finland, to pull something newsletter worthy together for our family.

It is so inspiring to read that combined efforts from all of our family are making a difference, whether it be financial or in some other form. It’s all energy right? While financial systems as we have come to know them are falling apart around us, a new one is being built collectively. Collectively means that each of us has an active part in it. So it matters how we relate to money, in order to share like the free and fearless ones we have stepped up to embody as Shamballans. Surely I am not alone when I say I too am still learning how to incorporate the Oneness concepts from 4D, 5D and up into 3D. So it is with much compassion and appreciation that I say to you: thank you for your part in the growing and feeding of our family. The association fees are a small part of what feeds our family. Teachers were asked to contribute 10% of workshop profits, and because this didn’t always happen, the associations had to raise their fees for issuing manuals and certificates. This doesn’t mean it cannot still happen. John and some others in our family do contribute extra personal funds to projects. Feel free to donate more when you can, and Love yourself when you are challenged in the department of sharing money. You may find you can contribute energy in some other form.

Thanks to the reports we are sharing this time, you may well catch that excitement buzz I received just by getting a glimpse of what we are collectively putting out as a family, on our beloved planet Earth. Read Sophie Barsacq’s account of how Sandie is fairing with the Homeopathic dispensary and healing center in Nianing, Senegal. My heart goes out to Sandie and her team. Veronica reports on the very first Shamballa Family School in Cambodia. The girls and their teacher at this school too have my heart. They are paving a new way for girls to help feed their families, and live fulfilling lives. Lastly I report on the very first Stargate Workshop that took place in Massachusetts, USA, facilitated by John Armitage/Baba, which was attended by forty five of our beautiful international family! I encourage you to have a look at each of the articles. It may amplify just how much Shamballa and Mahatma is on within each one of us!

There is always more going on then we can zero in on, so I am calling on you to share - via email - to Xav, Veronica or me reports on how you are being and spreading the love in your neighborhood. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being who you are, and all you contribute!

Shamballa On!

Nell Tomassen Reboh 
Newsletter Editorial Team

Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA

On July 27 & 28, 2013 I was so fortunate to attend the first ever Stargate Workshop, facilitated by John Armitage/Baba in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA. The workshop itself was well attended. Forty Five Shamballans showed up for it, from all corners of our planet. It was amazing to meet so many of our family and share besides an incredibly delicious breakfast and lunch, a kinship and ancestry with them. Though I have experienced things like that before, never of this scope and scale! Can you tell I was a first timer in terms of participating in a workshop with John?

John started by sharing his apprehension having to address our impressive group, and shared of another experience where he had to face a big crowd and said things that needed to be said that totally rocked the crowd, and not so much the organizers of the event.  So all of us had chance to laugh, to melt, to shake off jitters of our own apprehension as we were quite the guinea pigs knowing things were going to change, and not at all how this was going to affect us. Intention and attention was all we had to go on. It became obvious that through it all there was plenty of support available for us on all levels.

The first day we visited the Melchizedek and Microtonic/Shekinah Universes in a meditation. This meditation went very deeply into aspects of the Divine Male and Female energies. We also experienced a channeled meditation on using imagination on world peace with the being we all know as John Lennon. I received images of people looking each other in the eyes, looking deeper and dropping their armor and their weapons, as they experienced we are all brothers and sisters and are all connected to the same source. I received images of these people hugging each other and crying tears of joy for having found each other at long last. Next the armor and weapons turned to flowers and food, with everyone sharing and caring for each other and our magnificent Mother Earth. The last meditation was a channeled message with the most amazing, soothing downloads and activations from a beautiful being known as Morwanu, a gallactic master.

Another thing we did on the first day was an exercise in experiencing and grounding the energies of the Stargate. Six people sat on the floor inside the Stargate, and everyone else sat around in chairs positioned in the shape of a spiral around it. One person held on to one of the pillars, and everyone behind him or her had their hands on the heart chakra on someone’s back. John/Baba sat at the very end, channeling the energies, passing them on. He asked us to do the same and ground the energies, with quiet, focused intent. After one round of that, the six people in the Stargate moved out of it, and into the spiral as the one who held on to the Stargate moved into its center along with five others behind her or him. This process went on for a few hours until all forty five of us had been inside the Stargate. Those of us who were there know it took quite some effort before we knew how to move around and continue that quiet focus.

As in every workshop there was sharing how we experienced and witnessed activities, as well as meditations, and what came up for us.

The next day I noticed quite a few had agreed to receive transmissions through me telepathically. As an empath, I felt what everyone was feeling as subject to change. Needless to say my own issues that are in need of transmutation were now amplified, and so I got to the workshop feeling quite jittery. After another amazing breakfast we got straight down to business. Baba/John provided a meditation in which he served as a channel for an intergallactic master, a being who said he had an immaterial name which was impossible to pronounce. He guided us to Guatemala where, hidden inside a jungle, was a pyramid. Inside this pyramid we met this intergallactic being, who was a shaman. He wanted us to know he was not the kind of shaman that would go around with a drum, saying to stay away from evil spirits. He was basically very quiet, and only spoke (softly in a deep voice) when absolutely necessary. In the middle of the pyramid there was an extra-terrestial crystal. It looks much like a quartz crystal, with inclusions of green and blue.

It all appeared to me vividly. I observed that the crystal vibrations of the inclusions were very unusual. The green had a similar vibration as prenite, but different. And the blue reminded me of a combination of the frequencies of the kinds of spectralite you see in opalite, moonstone and labradorite. The intergallactic master/shaman had very long hair that he wore as a cloak. The outer layer was rather course. Underneath there were layers of very shiny, smooth and silky golden and silver strands. The coarse outer layer to me represented realities perceived as hard, that needed to be shed, transmuted. The frequencies of the intergallactic codes and activations felt very soothing, gentle and loving.

Next we did two rounds of experiencing, sharing and grounding the energies of the Stargate. On this day it had twice the amount of double terminated quartz crystals on each one of its pillars. You can say the energies were appropriately amplified with it, and all the meditations and activities.

As for me, StarGate energies are still integrating and being grounded. It is so beautiful to experience more balance and harmony as I integrate the most gentle and profound male and female Divine Love, expressed in the One Heart - the higher and lower heart chakras combined as One. I enjoy how it gently nudges me to accept and allow more compassion, more empathy and more Love in more aspects of my daily Earthly life.

The physical Stargate itself was offered up for sale, and purchased by Liz Rojas for her center in Chicago, Illinois! So anyone who wants to visit it can contact Liz on the Yahoo forum or in the various groups we have on facebook. Also, if you would love to have Stargate and workshop in your community, please contact John directly.

If you like to read a more personal account of how I experience(d) the StarGate and its influence, you can visit my blog:  And all who have experienced the StarGate with me, either in person or in Spirit, please visit my blog too and share your experience!

Shamballa On – Mahatma On!

Nell Tomassen Reboh
Newsletter Editorial Team