Since 2012 - when the name changed to New Paradigm MDT - the winds of change swept right through the whole organizational structure to upgrade it into the New Paradigm frequencies, and clearly a new era has started to manifest. Members of the foundation board decided to close down the foundation of the old organization, which was registered in the Netherlands. In its stead a charity fund for humanitarian projects has been established under the School of Esoteric Sciences, creating the opportunity to join forces with the Americas and do even greater projects of divine love in action, assisting our fellow humans to empower themselves in areas of planet Earth where poverty affects their basic rights as human beings in various ways. 
The School of Esoteric Sciences Charity Fund has some great, life changing projects going on at the moment. Our newsletter will give you updates about these on a regular basis, so you can follow up on how your donations are making a difference. It was also decided that the European association based in the Netherlands was to become the Dutch association. Each region - when they are ready - will have their own regional association. In this way these regional associations will enable local support, in a way that meets the specific regional needs. This allows members to be active and innovative to develop their ways of support, by arranging gatherings, trips, earth work, support networks, fundraising and other grassroots action, when they are inspired to do so, in the spirit of New Paradigm MDT. All associations serve their members as a link to the School of Esoteric Sciences and the BCMA (British Complimentary Medical Association). So far there is a regional Association in America, the Netherlands, France and Finland; you can read their presentations below. Plans are in the works in some other regions as well, to set up their New Paradigm MDT associations. The School of Esoteric Sciences currently functions as the umbrella organization - the global unifying body in essence - establishing the standards and requirements of being recognized as a professional member association.
All parts of the New Paradigm MDT organizational structure - and every individual who is part of this great family - are an important part of a global movement of freedom, love and unity; together we rock, manifesting the New Paradigm on planet Earth.
In short the New Paradigm MDT Organizational structure looks like this now:
- The School of Esoteric Sciences - based in Delaware, USA - is the umbrella organization which has a secretariat in the Netherlands for Dutch, Flemish and English-speaking people in Europe, in US for the Americas, in France for French-speaking people in Europe, and in Bulgaria.
. The School is providing the teaching and learning materials, issues certificates, keeps a database of registered practitioners, and functions as the global unifying body for the associations and the organization as a whole.
 - Regional associations function as a link for members to the School and BCMA, and as the body of support and activity for registered participants in their regions.
 - The School of Esoteric Sciences Charity Fund functions as the body for our mission in humanitarian and philanthropic projects to serve humanity.
Veronica Ramsdahl
Newsletter Editorial Team

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