John will facilitate a 3 day workshop with an optional 2 day excursion extension in this unique & important area.
Sept. 29, 30, & Oct 1, 2017 
(plus extra optional events Oct 2 & 3)

Heart of the Dove at Peace Valley Sanctuary is located on 70 pristine acres in southwest Arkansas surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest & is the mystical site of a conscious Earth-Keeper Crystal. Peace Valley is a sanctuary of ancient wisdom, healing & transcendence. It is one of the most sacred & unique places in the U.S., if not the world. For years, Peace Valley was ‘cloaked’ from the general public at the request of the Master & Angelic Realms because of its delicate energetics.

The Archangels maintain a presence at Peace Valley, as do the Andarans, Sirians, Hathors & the Ashtar Command. Peace Valley is home to Helios, a conscious Earth-Keeper Crystal, whose consciousness was seeded by Beings of Light. Helios energetically holds the expansion of humanity's consciousness grid in conjunction with 11 other Earth-Keeper Crystals placed around the planet.

Peace Valley is also home to a rare inner earth portal to Telos (Lemuria), a portal to The Great Pyramid in Egypt, a Universal Access Portal (where Multi-dimensional Masters & Angelic Realms come & go to do their earthwork), a multi-dimensional healing temple, & now a Pleaidian Portal which was opened by author/teacher Christine Day in 2015. This portal lies at the exact spot where the Heart of the Dove from “Keys of Enoch” is located to help anchor the divine feminine back onto the planet. 

Each one of us is a transmitter and a receiver. At Peace Valley Sanctuary, John will connect with the Multi-dimensional Masters, the Angelic Realms, the Galactic Nations & the Elementals to help us usher in new frequencies through these powerful portals, conscious crystals, and crystalline grids to assist with our ascension and the evolution of consciousness. 

This three day workshop with John, along with 2 additional excursion days (optional), is beyond anything he has previously taught. Traveling to Arkansas, the second largest quartz crystal bed in the world other than Brazil, John will use the energetics of Peace Valley Sanctuary & the surrounding areas to catapult you to a whole new level. You will receive priceless activations which will open portals & propel you beyond time & space that will align and expand your multi-dimensional self, heart & soul. There are no prerequisites, for this workshop, just a willingness to take the quantum leap with John. 

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